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How to Lower Stress & Anxiety

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When experiencing stress, our breathing patterns change from relaxed belly breathing to upper chest stress breathing (hyperventilation) giving us the experience of anxiety. Together we can change your breathing patterns to lower your experience of stress & anxiety within your life.

Lower your experience of anxiety in three simple steps:

STEP 1: Retrain your breathing patterns.
Many of the symptoms of anxiety arise due to the stress response disengaging the diaphragm from the process of respiration. Re-engagement of the diaphragm switches off chest hyperventilation and allows depleted C02 levels to rebalance.

STEP 2: Re-engage your diaphragm.
Re-engaging your diaphragm throughout the day when you notice that you are stress breathing interupts the stress cycle and lowers your experience of anxiety within your daily life.

STEP 3: Daily stillness meditation.
Stillness meditation is the simple practice of sitting still and allowing the functions of your mind to slow down by not adding anything to them. Being still for short periods of time has a significant affect on stress and anxiety within daily life.

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Booking a Private Session

Attending Your Session

You can attend in person
Personal breathing retraining sessions are held in my private hall at:

21 Serpentine Road, Gymea, NSW, Australia. (south of Sydney).

You can attend online
Personal breathing retraining sessions are also held online using zoom. If you are overseas we can arrange a time that is suitable for you.

Three Steps to Removing Anxiety

Step 1: Retrain Your Breathing Patterns
On our first meeting I will assess what you are currently experiencing and we will adjust the technique used dependent on this. For most people, the first beneficial action that gives most relief to the experience of anxiety is learning how to retrain habitual stress breathing patterns.

Step 2: Interupt Your Stress Cycle
The second stage in removing anxiety is to learn how to correctly interrupt the habitual cycle of stress during your day to day activities. During this session I will teach you methods to quieten down negative thinking, interrupt your stress cycle and how to relax in difficult situations.

Step 3: Remove Painful Emotions From Your Memories
The third stage in breaking the anxiety cycle if to remove the triggers of anxiety such as painful emotion from memories. By applying the skills of interrupting the stress cycle that you learned in earlier sessions you can painlessly remove the emotional charge from memories thereby removing many of the triggers the survival part of your mind uses to trigger anxiety.

Bookings and Fees

A 1 hour private session for lowering stress or anxiety within your life costs $70 AUD (approx $50 USD) which can be covered by direct deposit if you are in Australia or in PayPal if you are overseas.

**If you can not afford this I am happy for the session cost to be covered by donation, a gift of what you feel you can afford. The most important thing is that we share this time together.

When booking your session please include your, name, location (for timezone) plus some times that are suitable for you so that I compare to my diary for availability. A short explanation of what you are experiencing is also helpful.

Once we have an agreed meeting time, if meeting online, I will send you a zoom link for the session and some recommendations to make your session beneficial and comfortable.

Call Stephen PH: 0466 531 023 or Message

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