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MIDL 32/52: Developing Gratitude


In MIDL Mindfulness Training 32/52 you intentionally bring awareness towards the simple things within your life in order to cultivate a sense of gratitude. While forgiveness is concerned with healing your relationship towards the past, gratitude is concerned with establishing awareness within the present experience through removing longing for the future. When gratitude is not present we lose sight of what is important within our life and start focussing on how we feel things should be. This creates a divide between reality and our desires causing suffering to arise within our life. Submit Your Question

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Want to Be Grateful

Your Question: Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I want to be more grateful for the things in my life but am not sure how to put that into practice.

Stephen Procter: Start with being grateful for little things, quietly saying thankyou for what is here now. You will then move towards letting those around you know how fortunate you are to have them in your life, not just in words but by the way that you speak and act towards them.

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Hard to Feel Gratitude

Your Question: I found it hard during the practice to feel gratitude - I was in a place where I really needed / wanted the shift.

Stephen Procter: The foundation for gratitude is forgiveness, this is why forgiveness (MIDL 32/52) is developed before gratitude. While gratitude brings the mind from longing for the future towards what is being experienced now, forgiveness brings the mind from regretting the past to what is being experienced now. Between forgiveness and gratitude the mind and heart settle within the present experience.

Are there things that you or others have done within your life that you are not able to accept just yet?
This will remove the ability to feel gratitude. If you are unable to forgive yourself or others for past actions, then the overlay of your struggle with your past will make it difficult to see how fortunate you are right now.

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