MIDL: Anxiety Softening Room


How to Lower Stress & Anxiety

Lower your experience of anxiety in three simple steps:

Retrain Your Breathing Patterns

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Many of the symptoms of anxiety arise due to the stress response disengaging the diaphragm from the process of respiration. Re-engagement of the diaphragm switches off chest hyperventilation and allows depleted C02 levels to rebalance.

Break Your Stress Cycle

Re-engaging your diaphragm throughout the day when you notice that you are stress breathing interupts the stress cycle and lowers your experience of anxiety within your daily life.

Daily Stillness Meditation

Article & Meditation

Stillness meditation is the simple practice of sitting still and allowing the functions of your mind to slow down by not adding anything to them. Being still for short periods of time has a significant affect on stress and anxiety within daily life.