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The kind reviews of students from all over the world who attend, enjoy and have benefited from the Mindfulness Meditation classes and private sessions led by Stephen Procter

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Ionut Dragomir, YouTube: Thank you so much! I don't know if you are aware how much positive effect your videos have on some people's lives and therefore on the mankind's fate... I've stared meditating (with your guidance) 4 years ago and i did it for a just few months (unfortunately), but I never forgot your channel.

Few months back I started meditating again and the more I'm listening to your talks, the more I realise that, consciously or not, I've managed to apply most of your advice in my daily life. I have to confess that I've never been better. All the depression and anxiety are a far memory, I feel like I was reborn and the only regret I have is that I wasn't introduced to this earlier... Thank you from the bottom of my heart! May peace be with you.
Kornelius Zeth, Denmark: Stephen is the greatest meditation teacher I have ever met in the internet. He does so much of state-of-the-art meditation by introducing so many variations so that meditation becomes much more.
Laurentiu, France: One of the best mindfulness practices ever! Stephen takes you from A to Z with a very smooth transition. Thank you Sir!
Hector, UK: Another beautiful and beneficial meditation which I've enjoyed progressively throughout the week. I am now developing a greater understanding of what meditation is all about, something that has to be understood from within. Steven has recently sent me his book Mindfulness in Daily Life and I am finding this to be a valuable appendicular to the daily practices.

My challenge is to bring the mindfulness that I experience in the meditation practices into my daily life .... though I am becoming increasingly aware of my thought practices and more conscious of observing what I'm thinking. Thank you for sharing these great resources with me and looking forward to my next week's practice.
Shane: Hi Stephen I just wanted to thank you for the meditations you have made available on insight timer. I have just completed a 5 day meditation retreat. Your meditations have really assisted me to be able to maintain attention / focus and this proved to be a solid foundation that enabled me to go much deeper during the retreat. With deep gratitude Shane
Rita, USA: Mr. Procter, I have been doing your series, allowing a minimum of 1 week on each meditation. I have done MBSR x2, and several other mindfulness programs. They were all helpful, but your sequential series has been life altering. Most of us have been told by our culture, religion, etc. to live in the present, not to worry about the future or the things we cannot control, and of course most of us acknowledge that this is wise advice. However, when I read/heard it, it would sound great and I would be enthused and vow to change. But it didn't last for long.

Now I understand why. It did not give me the tools I needed to change and to apply it in real time. These meditations connecting the relationships between the breath, thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations have been incredibly powerful. It is like the dots bave been connected. I want to thank you for giving us these poweful tools to use to change our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste. Rita
Bob, California: Greetings Steven, I hope this note finds you well. I simply wanted to write you a note to express sincere gratitude for all your teachings. My wife and I did our first 10 day Vipassana retreat here in California at the end of 2016 and have been able to continue our daily practice due, in large part, to your online teachings. I hope life continues to bless you and the ones around you for the remainder of this & for countless lifetimes to come!
Kornelius Zeth, Copenhagen: Stephen is the greatest meditation teacher I have came across in my search for meditation in daily life. Amazing. And the only place I have discovered where someone is giving a book for free. Buddhism sometimes really sharpens the character for good.
Susan BreMiller: Hello, Stephen! I have been doing meditations from your mindfulness series available on the app Insight Timer. I've been doing them for several months and enjoy them immensely: Thank you for the gift!
Heather Clarke, Sydney: Dear Stephen, Thankyou so much for your wonderful & inspiring teaching, your kindness and generosity, warm regards from Heather Clarke
Ravi Proctor, Sydney: Hi hope all is well with you , I am slowly making my way through your book, Will start the next of your series no 19 tomorrow I am aiming at doing one every day for a Month Thanks so much for helping to change the perspective of my life Have a great day
Marie Fisette, Canada: Hello Stephen, I live in Montreal, Canada and my language is French so I hope you will understand my message. You have helped me so much in my mindfulness pratice. I have meditated since 2012, but during the last summer I decided to increase my pratice and meditate each morning. To help me meditate, I used guided meditations from the application "Insight timer". I found your approach interesting! I decided to go on your website to learn more about your approach.

I began listenning to your talks and they gave me just what I was looking for since 2012. I had a kind of "revelation". I decided to listen all of them. I began with your 2015 talks. I am presently listening to the 16th. I also take notes like a student and I am very "hungry" of your teaching.

So I want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I still have a long way to go but I want you to know that you have helped me understanding the technique, the goal and the path of meditation practice. I am at the beginning of the path but, for sure, I will switch from practicing meditation for relaxation to the meditation path of mindfulness.

My pratice changes daily. This knowing that comes from the practice has an impact on my day to day life. Also, I am now able to bring my mindfullness practice in my day to day life. Thank you very much!
Penny Brett, Sydney: Hi Stephen, Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of discovery! I enjoy your classes and learn something new every week, but the workshop really helped clarify aspects of my meditation practice, and taught me a thing or two about myself. I'm confident it has swung open the doors to the next stage for me.

Thank you also for your ongoing generosity in all that you provide to the meditation community. I really appreciate the fact that you are dedicating your life to helping others. It has certainly helped me. Cheers Penny

PS. love the new look website..
Greg Parrish, US: I received the package containing your Mindfulness guides yesterday afternoon. There was a group clinic meeting this morning which I shared the book. They all loved it so I'm going to share some with the other therapists to lend/learn for themselves and their clients. So you are making a big difference for many people. Thank you so much! Best wishes.
Nev, UK: Hi Stephen, I just wanted to thank you for the guided meditations you've put on YouTube. Following your course of guided meditations everyday over the last 4-5 weeks has had a massively positive effect on my ability to deal with what's been going on in my life. What could potentially be a very difficult time has been much more manageable with your help because I'm feeling calmer and more focused which means I'm able to work through stuff more rationally, rather than stressing and spiralling out of control (which has probably been my default until now). That's down to the meditations you've provided. So thank you! I really appreciate what you're doing.

And a bit of feedback.... The way you've broken it down into manageable steps so I can gradually build up my skill each day is really helpful, as is the level of guidance - not too much talking, just a brief intro, regular pointers, and brief summary of how it helps.

Again, thank you very much for your help, without realising, you're supporting me (and probably lots of other people) in a massive way, I genuinely appreciate what you're doing. And I'm telling everyone I have chance to about your videos! Warm wishes from the UK
Heather Clark, Sydney: Thank you so much for your gentle, patient teaching, and most especially for teaching here at Sutherland which makes your classes so accessible. I do so appreciate being able to attend your Mindfulness meditation class and use your website which is so clear and informative. PS. Your Mndfulness guide book is also very clear and accessible, many thanks for that also.
Penny Brett, Sydney: Thank you Stephen for sharing your knowledge and experience with such generosity and kindness. Congratulations on a fabulous and helpful book. I'm feeling totally inspired to practice my mindfulness meditation more frequently. I truly hope the community supports the project and that the book can reach many people everywhere.
Jacqui, Sydney: What an amazing meditation Stephen! Thank you! That was absolutely fantastic! I wish I started on this one last week! I might not have been ready though! Feeling so light and happy after that! What a good way to start the day!.
Lisa O Donnell: Hi Stephen, I attended your meditation class last night in Cronulla with my friend Liz. I found it very thought provoking and helpful - so thank you. I have just been looking on your website - what a great resource you are providing, I feel very fortunate to have had my attention drawn to it. I live in Seaforth so your class is probably not all that practical for me, but I will see how I go. I also wanted to mention that your teachings are a tremendous support for Liz at the moment, so I wanted to express my gratitude to you for that. Keep the good work coming, it is greatly appreciated..
Andrea, Sydney: Hello Steven I just want to say thankyou for providing this website, I have been taking your online meditation classes recently and will continue with learning . Hopefully I can come to your Cronulla or kirrawee group class one day soon , until then I really appreciate this opportunity you give online .
Robert, England: The extended length of this meditation allows the timing and progressive steps of this practice to perfectly soothe one into a state of complete tranquility. Stephen's soft and gentle voice is a key to the success of this. I do not think I have encountered a better guided meditation than this.
Kum Kie Choong: Thank you so much for the in-depth explanations Stephen, I look forward to the book. You have helped me break and clear a lot of confusion on my practice. Thank you heaps!
Gerry, Catonsville, MD: So grateful for your generous offering of these guided meditations. After 30 years of practice I still find value in returning to the basics as a refresher. That wonderful trickster, monkey mind, remains ever needful of additional training. Blessings on you and your gifts..
Amelie, Landskrona: Thank you Stephen Procter for this guided meditation series. I really appreciate to practise my mindfulness to it. Your ending makes me smile every time, because it feels so honest and loving. :-)
Bonnie, Cadiz Spain: Just excellent. I am so grateful, such clarity to this instruction. Stephen has influenced my practice more than any other teacher in the last 5 years. Namaste x.
Marilyn, Sydney Australia: Hi Stephen, I'm a member of your meditation class, I'm very aware of the difference mindfulness meditation is making in my life and wish to express my gratitude to you for your teachings and guidance.
Laura, Den Haag: A while back, starting these meditation lessons of Mr Procter, I could never have imagined the beauty and 'complexety' of our breath and our awareness. There is a whole other world inside us. You are a fine guide, Stephen. Thanks for your effort, it is much apreciated.
Christopher, US: Hey Steven, I consistently watch your meditation videos and I'm absolutely stunned you do not yet have views in the tens of thousands. I'm a fan of your relaxed voice style, techniques, and knowledge of the body and breath. I watch a lot of meditation content on youtube and have to say I like your channel the best. I decided to send you a message as a personal thank you. Please keep up the great work!
Engelberg: Please never stop doing these videos, they are very helpful for me - thank you very much :)
Lyn, Sydney Australia: Thanks Stephen, So wonderful to have such easy access to doing meditation when it suits. I attend your classes when I can but this is just great. Keep up the good work.
Heather Clark, Sydney Australia: Hi Stephen, I just want to Thankyou for the Mindfulness Meditation Lessons which you are conducting at the Older Womens' Network in Sutherland. It is not only wonderfully accessible to have a local lessons but your gentle approach is most encouraging which is so very helpful. Additionally your Meditation in the Shire website is just terrific because I can practice daily following the guided practice sessions. It is evident that you must spend a lot of thought & time developing the website as it is has so much interesting information & is so easy to follow. Please accept my most sincere thanks for your generous sharing of this inspiring practice. I will be donating as it is my most sincere hope that you will continue to provide this life-changing, peace-creating practice locally.
Peter Williams, Sydney Australia: I would like to say that I highly recommend Stephen Procter as a meditation teacher. I've found that his classes have helped me considerably as I'm starting to notice changes in my every day life . Stephens letting go mindfulness meditation is one of the techniques that I use to accept whatever situation I find difficult throughout the day. I also find that the explanation behind the practice and techniques helps a lot as well to better apply what we are taught. Overall I think Stephen is an amazing teacher and I think his mindfulness practices can change people's lives for the better ! Peter
OWN Sutherland, Sydney: Thankyou so much for all the wonderful meditation classes. We are all looking forward to the next year.
Cecielia, Sydney Australia: Stephen, Thankyou for all that I learned in your classes, it helped so much in my difficult time.
Chaitanya Chaudhary: Extremely grateful for such a practical teaching. Can not thank you enough
Diederick, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Hi Stephen, I just wanted to write a short thank you note for posting all your guided meditation classes online. The combination of meditations and talks with a lot of wisdom is strong for me. These lessons contain simply things I did not learn at home; and helped me to feel much more relax and happy basically. So thank you! I try to spend one hour a week in Australia with you :)
Sharon Amato: Hi Stephen, I just want to thank you for your generosity in providing your talks and, particularly, the meditation classes on line. I had just about given up on meditation, thought it impossible to quiet the incessant chatter in my mind and the ability to deeply relax was beyond me. I happened upon your website a few weeks ago, listened to your Letting Go Mediation and was absolutely amazed that I could feel so relaxed and peaceful.

That led to watching your meditation classes on YouTube and actually sitting still for several minutes and watching as my mind was so easily distracted from the breath. I didn't think I would be able to do that, just sit and try to be aware but you create an atmosphere where I can. Your talks are interesting, thought provoking and leave me excited to learn more. How great is that! Thank you for the positive impact you have not only on me, literally on the other side of the world, but I am sure on all your students. So grateful to learn from someone so knowledgeable and passionate about meditation.
Renay Lee, Sydney Australia: Stephen! I have a very big thank you to give to you! Today I got to see all my meditation work go into practice. I had an interview for a full time job as a work health and safety consultant. It is a dream role and organisation for me to further my career in. I was a little nervous at first, so, before I went in, I sat in the car and focused on being very present. Looking at the outlines of trees across the road and watched my breath from start to finish. I went in super relaxed, happy and confident. The meeting as a result went incredibly well and I was very present the whole time seeing and hearing everything in the room. It was an amazing experience and it's because of you!
You make my life better everyday, and I'm so glad I found your classes!
Felicia Verkerk , Sydney Australia: Hi Stephen, I just wanted to say thank you for the classes you put on, when I began attending your class in Cronulla on Thursday evenings, I felt such a dramatic improvement in my thought patterns within just a few sessions and knew I was really beginning something great. I skipped a few classes at Menai and have noticed immediately a downhill slope with my emotions so I decided to come back tonight. I just wanted to extend my gratitude as previously I hadn't realised that this was the most important hour of my week.
Thierry Masq, Sydney Australia: Participated to the 2-hour Learning to meditate workshop in a beautiful and comfortable setting. Stephen provides ample explanations and is very good in getting us to understand what is it we need to do. He answered all our questions using words and images that we can all understand and relate to quite easily! He is engaging and caring! I am looking forward to going to some classes during the week now... thank you Stephen!
Karen Broder, Sydney Australia: Thanks again Stephen & Linda, I am very grateful that you have been able to create a safe and authentic space where we can learn and experience more about our human condition. Also that your classes are run by donation is heart opening and very generous. I hope to continue to learn meditation with you :) :) :)
Neil Barker, Glasgow UK: Stephen has a great teaching manner very compassionate about his teachings and people fantastic website and free .
Karen Broder, Sydney Australia: Stephen gives the classes 110% all the time. Beautiful Sangha. My practise has started to deepen working with Stephen.
Joanne Heyes, Stoke UK: Excellent website, massively informative and a real inspiration and hope to others, with a Teacher who shows true genuinity and compassion.
Kylie Leplaw, Sydney Australia: Love this class it has helped me a lot. fantastic teacher very kind and approachable.
Lindy Andrews, Sydney Australia: Fabulous teacher through life experiences! Have learned so much in a great class. Thanks Steve
Peter Williams, Sydney Australia: Awesome teacher , life changing lessons and techniques . Would highly recommend Steve !
Kevin Travis, Sydney Australia: Stephen, your depth of knowledge is truly amazing, but you always explain & answer questions in a simple & easily understood manner,thanks heaps, Kevin Travis
Shyama O'Sullivan, Sydney Australia: Can't wait to back and follow your classes again. I really enjoy your class Stephen and each time I learn a little bit more about life itself and the bare truth of life. I am so grateful of having the opportunity of following your classes at Caringbah, thankyou again.
Sally Thurlow, Sydney Australia: Stephen I love your classes. I always come away having learnt something new. Your a very knowledgable teacher and friend. Thank you for sharing your teachings and great wisdom. Xxx
Linda Procter, Sydney Australia: Great community atmosphere and clear teachings. Thanks Stephen
Anomynous: To Stephen, thankyou for taking us all along on your wonderful journey of discovery
Liz Gault, Sydney Australia: Stephen, I'm very thankyou for your teachings on Mindfulness meditation and the passion you have to impart your knowledge. I've learned so much about the working of the mind and best of all, I've to appreciate and experience the beauty and serenity of living in the moment. What a great world it would be if this subject was taught in schools.
Michiyo, Sydney Australia: It has been 1 year since I began coming to meditation class. thankyou Stephen for always teaching us the truth and our challenge is to put our learning into practice in daily life.
Anomynous: Dear Stephen, the journey continues and your guidance of this path can be counted as a blessing
Donna, Sydney Australia: I am grateful to have found your classes at Cronulla, I am really enjoying them.
Iris Ruff, Amsterdam: You truly are amazing for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with rest of the world, these classes can really be a life saver for so many people, Thank you! Warm regards from Amsterdam :)