52 Guided Meditations


Mindfulness Trainings 12 - 15

These 52 MIDL Mindfulness Trainings allow you to deepen and establish Mindfulness meditation in the midst of daily life without the need for intensive meditation practice.

12. 'Calming the Senses' 13. 'Experiencing Elements' 14. 'Perceptional Borders' 15. 'Observe Attention 1'

MIDL Training 12 / 52:
Calming the Senses

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 12/52 you intentionally develop mindfulness of breathing as a basis from which to observe the interaction between your mind and any experience that arises within your six senses. In the previous training you developed the skill of abandoning all participation with the deflation of your out-breath, this draws awareness inward.

In this training you then turn your attention towards developing clarity of the end of each out-breath. As the end of the out-breath clarifies you can than observe a gap between the breaths before you experience the arising of the beginning of the in-breath. From this basis of stillness you then soften your relationship towards your six senses.

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Exercise Week 13:
Experiencing the Elements

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 13/52 you intentionally develop sensitivity to the four elemental qualities of experience using the foundation of your MIDl Viewing Platform. The elemental qualities of experience are: Earth Element = a range of ‘soft’ to ‘hard’, Fire Element = a range of ‘cool’ to ‘hot’, Water Element = a range of ‘dry’ to ‘wet’ and Wind Element = a range of contraction to expansion (movement).

These four elemental qualities are the building blocks of all experience appearing before perception and the proliferation of the mind. By developing sensitivity to these elemental qualities all experience breaks up and identification with experience ceases.

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MIDL Training 14 / 52:
Perceptional Borders

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 14/52 you further develop your perception of the four elemental qualities. As this perception strengthens and concentration develops, you intentionally bring awareness to the borders between things such as one of your hands touching the other or your body pressing against the chair or floor.

As you focus on the elemental qualities at these points of touch the mind created perceptional borders start to dissolve and you can experience reality free from separation.

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MIDL Training 15 / 52:
Observing Attention Move 1

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 15/52 you change your focus from observing the elemental experience of your body in the previous trainings, to developing the skill of observing the habitual movements of your attention away from them. This is done by using the elemental quality of the touch of your hands as a reference point from which to observe when awareness shifts towards habitual thinking.

Observing these shifts in attention strengthens mindfulness, lowering the time lost within habitual thinking thereby allowing you to observe when it arises and eventually the desire to think the thought itself.

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Exercises 16 - 19