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MIDL Mindfulness Training 28 to 30

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my Systematic Mindfulness Meditation Training Classroom.
Practice these Mindfulness exercises daily to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Devote at least 1 week to each exercise, do not skip a step and you will strengthen your Mindfulness and Concentration in Daily Life,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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MIDL Training 28: Loving Kindness: Loved One

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 28/52 it is time to recondition your habitual defenses by cultivating positive qualities of heart. The natural feeling of love & kindness towards yourself and others is practiced throughout your life. If during your life you have been habitually defending yourself then your heart may be closed and intimacy with yourself or others may be weak. By bringing a loved one to mind, sending them thoughts of love & kindness then transferring the feeling towards an image of yourself you can recondition the mind and make these loving feeling towards yourself your natural way of being. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 29: Loving Kindness: Difficult Person

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 29/52 you take the foundation of loving kindness developed towards yourself & your loved one in the previous training, in order to recondition your relationship towards difficult people within your life. You do this by first generating the loving feeling towards yourself and your loved one then bringing a difficult person to mind while holding the loving feeling. This may bring up some resistance causing the loving feeling to fade. You then bring your loved one to mind, strengthening the feeling before going back to the difficult person until yourself, loved one & difficult person are all loved ones.
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MIDL Training 30: Loving Kindness: Pervasive

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 30/52 you take the foundation of loving kindness developed in the two previous trainings to embrace all beings. This is done by first generating the loving feeling towards yourself and those close to you, then gradually widening it to your neighbours, suburb, city, country, world to the whole universe. In this way loving kindness is cultivated to be unconditional and not only focused towards those that you can benefit from. When decondtioning defensive habitual patterns it is necessary to replace these habits, once weakened, with positive qualities of heart if we are to live a meaningful life.
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