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MIDL Mindfulness Training 24 to 27

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my Systematic Mindfulness Meditation Training Classroom.
Practice these Mindfulness exercises daily to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Devote at least 1 week to each exercise, do not skip a step and you will strengthen your Mindfulness and Concentration in Daily Life,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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MIDL Training 24: Observe Past, Present & Future

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 24/52 you continue to observe the habitual patterns within your mind by intentionally directing your attention towards the movement of the focus of awareness between past, present and future. By doing this in a methodical way you will learn to observe the changes in feeling within your body in relationship to memories of the past and thoughts of the future.

This interdependence will become clearer to you. You will also be able to observe the uncomplicated nature and your body’s response when awareness rests within the experience of the present. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 25: Calming Mental Activity

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 25/52 you learn the skill of abandoning all participation through developing sensitivity to mental activity and softening the desire 'to do'. While the previous training was concerned with deconditioning defensive emotional charge, this training is concerned with not conditioning it in the first place. With practice you will be able be able to bring all mental proliferation and commentary to an end, allowing you to experience the purity of awareness free from content. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 26: Expanding Awareness

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 26/52 you learn the skill of expanding your awareness to experience the field of the six senses in order to develop understanding and cultivate the conditions for wisdom to arise. Expanding awareness also gives the mind space to run and is the antidote for the fourth hindrance to meditation: restlessness. Awareness is our lens to the world and like a camera can be focused to one point or opened to take in the whole picture. Developing the skill of expanding and contracting the field of awareness is an important part of MIDL practice. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 27: Using Touch Points

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 27/52 you learn the skill of using points of touch to develop momentary concentration and as an antidote for the third hindrance to meditation sloth & torpor. Where as the previous training of expanding awareness lowers energy levels to settle restlessness, touch points increase energy levels disolving the energy imbalance of mental sluggishness. By slowly cycling awareness through different points of touch within your body and mentally experiencing each point you will experience an increase of energy, steadiness of mindfulness and increased clarity of awareness. Questions & Answers

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