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MIDL Mindfulness Training 5 to 8

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my Systematic Mindfulness Meditation Training Classroom.
Practice these Mindfulness exercises daily to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Devote at least 1 week to each exercise, do not skip a step and you will strengthen your Mindfulness and Concentration in Daily Life,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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MIDL Training 5: Skill of Softening

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 5/52 you refine your softening skill to bring deep relaxation within your mind through mindful non-participation. You do this initially by borrowing the natural abandoning that occurs with the deflation of each out-breath and allowing yourself to mentally ‘sink’ and relax. The abandonment of mental participation is enhanced by slowly extending the breath out through your nose with each out-breath. At first this skill still rests on the physicality of breathing but with practice it gradually changes into a deep relaxation of the mind that arises due to an abandoning of all mental effort.
Questions & Answers

Streamed talk by Stephen Procter in 2021 on how to train your initial skill in mentally softening in MIDL Mindfulness Meditation.

MIDL Training 6: Experiencing the Natural Breath

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 6/52 you begin mindfulness of breathing by creating the conditions to observe habitual control within the breathing itself. Breathing makes a wonderful meditation object for observing control because it can be intentionally controlled or happen autonomously. To decondition habitual control in this training you simply breathe out, relax and wait for the breath to draw in by itself. Whenever you notice the tightness of control within the breathing you simply repeat this training until you can mindfully observe breathing free from any habitual control of your mind. Questions & Answers

Streamed talk by Stephen Procter in Feb 2021 on how to develop uncontrolled, natural breathing in MIDL Mindfulness Meditation.

MIDL Training 7: Training Attention 1

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 7/52 you develop the accuracy of your attention by using a breath counting technique to develop steadiness of awareness through one-pointed concentration. The focus during this training is on the experience of breathing at the tip of the nose. As you experience the breath draw in, then out, you count "1". As it draws in, then out, you count "2"; up to five out-breaths.

Once you have experienced 5 in and out-breaths you start at 1 again. If you become distracted in any way you start at 1 again refining the steadiness of your attention and temporarily suppressing the five hindrances. Questions & Answers

Streamed talk by Stephen Procter in April 2021 on development of initial concentration using a simple breath counting technique.

MIDL Training 8: Training Attention 2

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 8/52 you develop the skill of clarifying shifts of attention during meditation by using a mindfulness labelling technique. A label is a silent, intentional word used to describe an experience that arises during meditation in order to direct awareness and clarify perception. As an example, as the breath draws in you silently say “in”, as it goes out you silently say “out”, aligned with the experience of the breath. Whenever you notice your attention habitually move from the experience of breathing you clarify it by silently saying “hearing” for a sound or “thinking” for a thought etc. Questions & Answers

Streamed talk by Stephen Procter in May 2021 on the method of using labels to cultivate mindfulness, concentration and understanding.

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