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MIDL Mindfulness Training 35 to 39

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my Systematic Mindfulness Meditation Training Classroom.
Practice these Mindfulness exercises daily to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Devote at least 1 week to each exercise, do not skip a step and you will strengthen your Mindfulness and Concentration in Daily Life,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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MIDL Training 35: Softening Door 3: Gentle Sighing

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 35/52 you cultivate the skill of slowly releasing the out-breath through your nose, as if sighing, in order to experience deep mental relaxation as a basis for 'abandoning' participation with all experience. Extending the length of the out-breath slowly through your nose has the effect of relaxing the frontal lobes of brain creating the conditions for mindful non-participation. This Softening skill is also used for deconditioning the unpleasantness attached to memories.
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MIDL Training 36: Softening Door 4: Relaxing Eyelids

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 36/52 you learn the subtle skill of relaxing your eyelids and eyes to directly bring about deep relaxation within your mind. There is a direct correlation between the alertness of the eyes & eyelids and hypervigilance of the fight / flight response. When in a hyper alert state due anxiety or trauma the eyes open wider searching for danger. Relaxing the eyelids and intensity of 'looking' has the affect of temporarily turning off this fight / flight response and allowing the mind to find safety within the experience of Stillness. During this process deep healing can occur. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 37: Softening Door 5: Frontal Lobes

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 37/52 you learn the deeper Softening skill of relaxing the frontal lobes of your brain in order to abandon all mental participation. There is a direct correlation between mental activity, such as thinking, and the experience of tension in the area of the frontal lobes. By bringing together your Softening skills, in particular gentle sighing, you can 'breathe into’ your frontal lobes, relaxing all mental tension and thereby abandoning all mental participation. This then creates the basis for skilfully deconditioning negative habitual thinking patterns and the desire to participate in addictions.
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MIDL Training 38: Learning to Decondition

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 38/52 you develop the higher MIDL skill of deconditioning the emotional charge attached to thoughts and memories. Our mind has a simple survival sorting mechanism in which it uses feeling tone (Vedana), to sort memories as dangerous or safe.

It attaches pleasant feeling to signify safe memories or unpleasant feeling if the memory is perceived as being dangerous. Through using the MIDL Softening skill you can experience and soften your relationship of attraction or aversion towards the feeling, deconditioning the strength of the feeling tone attached to the memory. Questions & Answers

If want to try this MIDL deconditioning technique, do so at your own discretion. If you have not done the earlier training and developed your mindfulness, concentration and softening skills then you are likely to become lost within the emotional charge and resist the unpleasantness. In this case you either need to commit to the MIDL systematic training or have someone skilled in this technique to guide you to develop this skill.

MIDL Training 39: Softening Into Stillness

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 39/52 you use you skill in softening to learn the simple skill of allowing the deep relaxation that arises through not doing. This is a beautiful practice of sitting still and allowing your body to relax part by part. You then mentally feel this deep physical relaxation allowing it to enter your mind. This process will challenge and gradually remove defensive armours produced by your mind. Through repetition your mind will gradually allow the relaxation to access deeper levels of defencelessness until all defensive armour is removed and safety is experienced within the stillness of the mind itself. Questions & Answers

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