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Talks on MIDL Mindfulness Meditation

Guided by Stephen Procter

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MIDL Talks with Stephen Procter


WELCOME to my talks on MIDL Mindfulness Meditation Training.
These series of talks are given to help clarify the path of MIDL (Mindfulness in Daily Life) and the 52 MIDL Mindfulness trainings to help those who who wish to develop themselves but do not have access to a meditation teacher. There are both audio and text version of this talk,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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Talks on the Structure of MIDL Meditation

Click Here MIDL Talk 1: Three Pillars of MIDL Explained:
MIDL Mindfulness meditation has Three Pillars of training: Flexible Attention training, Softening Into training and Allowing Stillness training.
Click Here MIDL Talk 2: Four Foundations of Mindfulness:
The Three Pillars of MIDL are developed by applying them to the Four Foundation of Mindfulness: Bodily Sensations, Feeling Tone, Mind & Conditioned Processes.
Click Here MIDL Talk 3: The MIDL Mental Factors Explained:
Explaining the Mental Factors of MIDL: Investigation, Mindfulness and Concentration and how each factor conditions the next to clarify Awareness.
Click Here MIDL Talk 4: Mindfulness of Body Explained:
Learning to listen to and read the sensations within our body is a doorway to observing the mind and heart in MIDL .
Click Here MIDL Talk 5: Understanding Feeling in MIDL:
Explaining the role of pleasant and unpleasant feeling produced by our mind through the eyes of MIDL.
Click Here MIDL Talk 6: Noble Eightfold Path in MIDL:
Understanding the path of meditation outlined by the Buddha in terms of MIDL meditation practice.
Click Here MIDL Talk 7: MIDL 52 Mindfulness Trainings Explained:
Explaining the system of 52 seated Mindfulness Meditation trainings of MIDL.
Click Here MIDL Talk 8: Grounding Your Awareness 1 - 2/52:
Explanation of the initual grounding skill in MIDL Mindfulness meditation trainings 1 & 2/52.
Click Here MIDL Talk 9: MIDL Retraining Autonomous Breathing 3/52:
MIDL training in the skill of re-engaging the diaphragm in autonomous breathing.
Click Here MIDL Talk 10: MIDL Initual Softening Into 3,4 & 5/52:
Explaining the initual Softening Into skill in MIDL Mindfulness meditation training.
Click Here MIDL Talk 11: MIDL Experiencing Natural Breathing 6/52:
MIDL training in the skill of re-engaging natural breathing by disolving control.
Click Here MIDL Talk 12: Initual Mindfulness of Breathing 7 - 9/52:
Explaining the initual Mindfulness of Breathing skill in MIDL Mindfulness meditation training.
Click Here MIDL Talk 13: Creating the MIDL Viewing Platform 10 - 12/52:
MIDL training in the skill of creating a viewing platform within Mindfulness of our body and its response to breathing.