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Chapter 1: MIDL Mindfulness Meditation System


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Welcome To Your Meditation Journey

Mindfulness in Daily Life (MIDL) is designed to be brought into our everyday activities. When practicing this style of Mindfulness Meditation we train so that there is no difference between sitting in formal seated meditation and our everyday life.

What is important is a clear and continued awareness of our relationship to whatever we are experiencing "now". To experience the benefits of MIDL in our life, it is helpful to change the way that we view difficulties when they arise.

MIDL Mindfulness meditation is a process of self enquiry; it is based on a first person perspective, that of getting to understand our self and our place in this world by observing our experience of it. This is an internal path; a way of looking within our self.

It comes with the understanding that any lasting happiness cannot be found in our life situation but rather in our relationship to it. If we want to experience true happiness it has to come from a change of relationship within, from deep contentment within our own heart.

This practice lends itself to anyone with a questioning mind. If you like to look into things, question them, pull them apart; not taking anything on face value; then you will find this meditation practice endlessly interesting.

Look within; become intimate with your hearts centre, with your deepest desires and fears. Learn how to hold them gently, to feel your own pain and allow it to heal through this ancient path.

Join me on this journey towards happiness, you won't regret it, your life will change, it will feel smoother, less ups and downs. You will experience more happiness, your relationships will improve.

As your meditation practice develops it will give rise to understanding of the functioning of life itself and lead to deep contentment and peace within your heart.

Stephen Procter
Sydney Australia

Meditation Structure in MIDL

In Mindfulness in Daily Life practice:

Formal Seated Meditation

is training for

Mindfulness in Daily Life

In MIDL we use the intentionally controlled environment of seated meditation to strengthen the mental factors of Investigation, Mindfulness and Concentration plus to develop the necessary skills to work with distraction and difficult experiences that arise within our life.

Formal Seated Meditation

In MIDL Seated Meditation we focus on developing and training:

1. Investigation

2. Mindfulness

3. Concentration (Upacara - fixed & Khanika - momentary)

4. Mindfulness of Body

5. Mindfulness of Feeling Tone

6. Mindfulness of Mind ( mental processes)

7. Skill of Softening Into experience.

8. Stillness Meditation.

In order to transfer Mindfulness Meditation into Daily Activites.

Mindfulness in Daily Activities

We then use the skills developed during seated meditation to transfer meditation into daily activities:

1. Investigation.

2. Mindfulness.

3. Concentration (hanika – momentary).

4. Awareness immersed within Body.

5. Mindfulness of Mind (mental processes).

6. Mindfulness of emotional signature within the body.

7. Mindfulness of pleasant / unpleasant feeling tone (Vedana).

8. Skill of softening into pleasant / unpleasant feeling tone.

9. Stillness in Activities.

10. Equanimity.

In Every Moment of Our Life

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Chapter 1 Continued

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