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Mindfulness Meditation Printouts


as taught by Stephen Procter

These printable PDF's are from lessons given by Stephen Procter on Mindfulness Meditation during weekly during Meditation in The Shire classes in Sydney Australia. Select the appropriate information sheet that you wish to print by using the below links.

Enjoy, Stephen Procter

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Mindfulness Meditation Information Sheets


PRINT Booklet: Beginners Guide to Seated Mindfulness Meditation

**** 12 page A5 booklet, prints double sided on three A4 sheets. Booklet arranged for printing not reading online.****

PRINT A Simple Guide to Seated Mindfulness Meditation

PRINT How to Meditate - Step by Step Instruction

PRINT Easy Mindfulness Meditation Instructions

PRINT How Mindfulness Meditation Develops (updated)

PRINT Mindfulness in Daily Life Seated Meditation (New)

PRINT Refuges & Training Rules - Buddhist chanting

PRINT How to Break Experience into Groups