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Understanding What Qi Gong Is

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Understanding Qi Gong

Want to feel energised, relaxed, stay healthy and heal yourself at the same time?

If so then a regular Mindfulness of Movement Qi Gong Health Class may be just what you are looking for. Mindfulness of Movement is the practice of increasing awareness of the alignment of your body through combining Mindful breathing, movement and mind for exercise, healing and meditation.

Through using postures (stationary or moving), breathing techniques and mind you can build up awareness of the flow of Qi (energy / life force) within yourself and also learn to ajust your bodies alignment and balance to remove physical pain that comes from incorrect posture . With practice you learn how to sense, build up and flow the Qi energy through your body, eliminating blockages and to correct imbalances in the alignment of your body.

With the correct instruction, methods and practice anyone can learn to sense and control the vibration and flow of their body’s internal Qi and its connection with their body and spirit. Health Qi Gong teaches mental and physical exercises to heal and strengthen the immune system and to improve organ function. It is estimated that more than 80 million people practice some form of Qi Gong in Beijing everyday and many more world wide.

Qi Gong Exercises

Qi Gong exercises are very gentle and are suitable for everyone, they can be done standing or seated, and some can be done lying down. They deepen breathing, increase circulation, improve muscle tone and concentration. Qi Gongs meditative qualities make it a great way to start or distress at the end of the day. It is also very good to do at lunch time particularly if you have been sitting in front of a computer with the stress building in your shoulders and back.

Qi Gong is very suited to be performed in an office, at an airport (discreetly) or on a cruise, anywhere that you need to exercise and increase your circulation / feeling of well being and space or balance could be an issue. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use this practice in an open park, with all the fresh air and trees around I highly recommend it.  Each class is split into three areas: Techniques to circulate the Qi, techniques for healing and techniques for meditation

Come along and learn how to keep yourself healthy now and in the future, with these easy to learn and enjoyable exercises that you can take anywhere with you.

What exactly is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong can be thought of as breathing exercises combined with mental and physical training for the prevention and treatment of diseases and also for health care and extension of life. Qi Gong teaches how to control and quiet the mental functions and also how to regulate respiration/breathing and spirit.


“Qi” means vital energy or life force. Qi can be classified into 1. “Qi of the former heaven” (i.e pre-natal or pre-birth Qi) and 2. “Qi of the latter heaven” (i.e post-natal or post-birth Qi).

Pre-natal Qi: can be classified into Essential Qi and Primordial Qi. Essential Qi is obtained from the parents at the earliest stages of life, during the formation of the foetus. Primordial Qi refers to the fundamental matter and motivating force that maintains the physiological functions of the body’s tissues and organs. During the development of the foetus, Primordial Qi is already formed. It is then stored in the kidneys and is closely related with the gate of life.

Post-natal Qi: can be classified Heavenly Qi and Earthly Qi. Heavenly Qi refers to the air we breathe in an out of the body during respiration. Earthly Qi is absorbed from water and grain from the earth. Actually it includes all vital energy absorbed from various foods through the digestive system by our solid and hollow bodily organs to maintain vital activities.

The relationship between Pre-natal Qi and Post-natal Qi is: the Pre-natal Qi is the motivating force of life. The Post-natal Qi is the material upon which life relies for its maintenance. Human life and its activities are motivated by the Pre-natal Qi and supplemented by Post-natal Qi.


“Gong” means a method of exercise to build up vital energy (Qi/Chi).

The three essential factors of Qi Gong:

The two essential states of Qi Gong:


A Qi Gong class is suitable for everyone, it will leave you feeling deeply physically and mentally relaxed yet full of energy and ready to jump back into your life.