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MIDL Softening Skill Training Classroom

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my MIDL Mindfulness Softening Skill Training Classroom.
Through practicing simple, gentle breathing exercises you can learn the skill of turning off the Anxious Response through Mindful non-participation – ‘Softening Into’. Turning off the Anxious Response in this way means that you can be with any Unpleasant Emotional Responses in your life without reacting therefore Deconditioning the Habitual Patterns of reaction.

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STEP 5: Softening Your Frontal Lobes

Exercise 5: Relaxing the thinking process
Sensitivity to the frontal lobes of our brain is an important part of MIDL 'Softening' training. The frontal lobes of the brain are closely linked to one of the more dominating functions of the mind - the production of thought.

Whenever a thought arises within the mind there is a corresponding tightening of the frontal lobes. This tightness and the process of thinking can not be separated - when there is a thought present there is also tension present in the lobes.

Through learning to experience the tension within the frontal lobes and using slow, gentle sighing out through the nose, it is possible to 'Soften / Relax' the frontal lobes of the brain. With the 'Softening / Relaxing' of the frontal lobes comes the disolving of the thought process - all thinking collapses. This happens because thought can not exist without mental tension, they are mutually dependant.

This technique is extremely powerful and I have have great succcess working with people with deep seated traumatic memories. Once learnt, the ability to collapse a thought process at will, gives the power back to someone whose life is being traumatised by painful memories. As with all MIDL'Softening' techniques, then, through Mindful Non-participation, the habitual pattern of reaction deconditions.

Softening the frontal lobes exercise
a) Next to learn to ‘soften’ the frontal lobes touch your fingers to the centre of your forehead. Be aware of the frontal lobes of your brain, notice any tightness or tension you can feel there. Lower your arm when you can feel them relax and continue to ‘soften’ them.

b) Using slow / gentle sighs ‘soften’ / ‘deflate’ the frontal lobes of your brain. Use the sigh in the same way you would use a valve on a tire to let out air / deflate the tire – slowly.

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STEP 6: Softening Your Eyes & Eyelids

Exercise 6: Deeply relaxing the mind
Your eyes / eyelids and mind are interconnected, the eyes will always reflect the true state of your mind - they can not be separated. When the Fight / flight response is switched on the eyes tense looking outward and the eyelids tighten, opening fully in an effort to find the percieved danger.

Though this can be one of the more difficult MIDL Softening skills to learn, the Softening skill of relaxing the eyelids has a direct effect on the stillness of the mind and switches off the Fight / Flight response.

I have had a lot of success with working with people with deeply seated emotional responses and traumatic memories with using the eyelid 'Softening' to allow them to get underneath the mental / emotional pain and access peace. Often for the first time in their life, they can experience relief from the symptoms therefore having a strong effect on their relationship to the emotional pain and the ability to put it down and move on in their life.

a) Prepare yourself with 'Soften Into' in exercise 2. Once settled and calm, allow you eye lids to relax.
Then allow them to naturally tighten / open - by themselves.
Then relax them.
Allow them to tighten / open by themselves.
Then relax them.

Keep relaxing / softening your eyelids with silent, gentle sighs.

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