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MIDL Softening Skill Training Classroom

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my MIDL Mindfulness Softening Skill Training Classroom.
Through practicing simple, gentle breathing exercises you can learn the skill of turning off the Anxious Response through Mindful non-participation – ‘Softening Into’. Turning off the Anxious Response in this way means that you can be with any Unpleasant Emotional Responses in your life without reacting therefore Deconditioning the Habitual Patterns of reaction.

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STEP 2: Lifting / Dropping Method

Exercise 2: Accessing Physical ‘Softness / Relaxation’ within Your Body
Lifting / dropping is a simple but very deep practice, on the surface this looks like a very simplistic practice, but it is not. This training is different from the relaxation practice of tensing and releasing the muscles throughout the body as it is not a physical training as it appears - but a mental one.

The creation of the desire to move and the cancelling of it not only creates stillness within the body but it also creates a mental ‘drop’ / ‘sink’ into stillness when the desire to move itself is abandoned. The important aspect in this Softening training can be divided into two areas: tuning into the 'drop' into stillness of the body and tuning into the 'drop' into stillness of the mind.

This creating of the desire to move and learning to Soften / relax on its cancelling also trains the ability to abandon the 'desire to act' in daily life giving us the ability to decondition negative habitual patterns within our life.

When experiencing deep emotional pain we can become very detached from the experience of our body because of our aversion to the 'unpleasantness' within it. The one place we do not want to experience is the physical or emotional pain within our bodies.

I have had great success with clients that are very detached to the experience of their emotions in cases of trauma, anxiety and depression with using this 'Lifting / dropping technique to allow them to 'be with' that which is difficult to experience.

Once a client has learnt to find stillness within their body, through this MIDL technique, it is easier to direct them further within and onto deeper 'Softening' techniques.

Lifting / Dropping Training
a) Sit or lay down in a comfortable posture where your body is supported / balanced so that you will be able to fully relax. Now lift your right arm up in front of you, holding it with your left hand by the fingers, then allow it to ‘flop’ – ‘drop’ down. Lift it and the allow it to ‘drop’ again. Be aware of any tension in your arm during the ‘drop’ – focussing on fully relaxing the arm. Notice how relaxed your arm feels after it has ‘dropped’.

b) Now, picture lifting your right arm up in your mind – but don’t lift it – feel it starting to tense as it wants to move. Then cancel the desire to move it – allow your right arm to ‘drop’ ‘relax’. Repeat this and notice how relaxed / heavy your right arm becomes after ‘dropping’.Now, picture lifting your left arm up in your mind – but don’t lift it – feel it starting to tense as it wants to move. Then cancel the desire to move it – allow your left arm to ‘drop’ ‘relax’. Repeat this and notice how relaxed / heavy your left arm has become.

c) Gently move through your body ‘picturing lifting’ then ‘dropping’ each part of your body . Then picture ‘lifting’ and then ‘dropping’ your whole body - relaxing into ‘effortlessness’.

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