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*Quality Mindfulness Training*

with Stephen Procter

Welcome to my Mindfulness Training Service
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* Are You Experiencing Painful Emotions?

* Would You Like a Natural Way to be Free of Them?

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Have You Considered Mindfulness Techniques?

Stephen Procter

Hello, my name is Stephen Procter, I am a Professional Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and I would like to help you reach your goals. To be free from overwhelming emotions such as anxiety and learn to find the joy in life again. I have helped many people experience freedom and would like to offer my services to you.

I will help you learn Mindfulness Meditation techniques to help achieve this, this is not a temporary solution but one that will affect your whole life.

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A Natural Way for Freedom From:

Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, Feeling Down, Grief, Self Worthlessness

Mindfulness meditation gives you the ability to be with and decondition painful emotional patterns of behaviour so that they no longer arise again.

I have helped many people before you overcome their trauma and am offering these techniques to you.

Explanation on how Mindfulness helps CLICK HERE

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What Will Happen During Your Session

1) Your session is held in a private, quiet meditaton hall in a comfortable environment. You will be seated on a chair or comfortably lying down for your meditation exercises.

2) During your first visit we will discuss your current situation and create a strategy to help you start to settle the difficult emotions and thinking patterns.

3) You will be taught Mindfulness Softening Skills to give you a natural way of easing the emotional discomfort and settle thinking so that you can experience some moments of peace. You will learn how to practice some Mindfulness Meditation techniques that are suitable to your situation.

4) You will recieve a 'How to Meditate' guide and will have access to recorded Guided Mindfulness Meditations to help you to meditate at home.

5) As you learn your Mindfulness meditation techniques you will start to see a change in how easily and strongly you react to situations that arise in your daily life. This is because Mindfulness meditation works by changing the neural pathways in your brain. It removes negative habitual reactions and also is used to cultivate positive ones, making your life more happy and peaceful.

6) Follow up sessions focus on your experiences during the previous week and any reactions that you had, fine tuning and teaching you the skills of how to make change within your life.

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Message Me   or Call / Text Stephen   PH: 0466 531 023

Mindfulness Training Location

21 Serpentine Road, Kirrawee, NSW
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Session Payment

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You are welcome to pay for your session in cash on the day you visit.
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Unsure? Call / Text Stephen   PH: 0466 531 023
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