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About Mindfulness Meditation Training

How Mindfulness Meditation Works

Mindfulness Meditation is a natural process that provides a way of deconditioning painful emotions and habitual patterns of reaction through the cultivation of investigation, Mindfulness and concentration.

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Emotional Responses: A Practiced Cycle

To understand the process of emotional reaction lets look at the experience of anxiety as an example:

1) Anxiety can be triggered in one of six ways, these are called sense doors, our doorway to experiencing the world. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and the mind door = memories, thinking.

2) When one or more of these sense doors is stimulated then a habitual mental judgement is overlayed over the experience, in this case the judgement is an unpleasant feeling.

3) Your relationship to the unpleasant feeling creates thoughts about how to get away from it and the emotional response - in this case, anxious feelings within your body.

4) Once triggered, the anxious response will appear as tightness, tension, generally in the upper chest and base of the throat, they will also have an unpleasant feeling to them.

5) Every time you react to the unpleasant feeling of these sensations, when they arise, you re-enforce the pattern of perceiving them to be a dangerous experience, one to escape from, this stimulates the neural pathways in your brain and strengthening the aversive behaviour.

6) Each time you react by wanting to get away from the unpleasantness of these anxious feelings the pattern is more deeply entrenched and more likely to arise in the future.

7) This cycle of aversion to the feeling of anxiety strengthens over time, it is practiced, until it becomes all consuming, colouring the lens through which your brain perceives the world - literally the world you live in changes.

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Deconditioning Responses: Unpracticing the Cycle

What is practiced can be unpractised, what is conditioned can be unconditioned, no behaviour is fixed, the brain can be rewired.

This is where Mindfulness meditation, if practiced correctly, comes in.

1) Strengthening your Mindfulness will hold your attention in the present and obsessive thinking, which is foccussed on past and future experiences, will start to settle down. The emotional response is triggered by your relationship to the unpleasant / pleasant feeling attached to the thought / memory, so as the thinking settles so does the emotional response.

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2) When your thinking settles your awareness will start to focus on your present experince and you will be able to be with difficult emotions in your body without reacting to them.

3) Using correct Mindfulness meditation techniques you will then begin to decondition your relationship to the unpleasant feeling associated with the experience of anxiety and your pattern of reaction will gradually weaken. Eventually these unpleasant feelings no longer arise as your drive to react ceases.

4) Of course to get results you have to want to be free from the anxiety, this means doing daily Mindfulness practice. Since reacting to the unpleasantness of the anxiousness strengthens the pattern, to decondition it you need to cultivate Mindfulness and apply the techniques regularly to get the results.

This same proccess can be applied to all conditioned emotional reactions. You are not alone; many people have done this successfully before you

I am here to guide you through this process to regaining happiness and peace in your life

I look forward to spending time with you,

take care
Stephen Procter

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