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MIDL 22/52: Past, Present & Future


In MIDL Mindfulness Training 22/52 you continue to observe the habitual patterns within your mind by intentionally directing your attention towards the movement of the focus of awareness between past, present and future. By doing this in a methodical way you will learn to observe the changes in feeling within your body in relationship to memories of the past and thoughts of the future. This interdependence will become clearer to you. You will also be able to observe the uncomplicated nature and your body’s response when awareness rests within the experience of the present. Submit Your Question

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Elemental Quality

Your Question: Is there elemental quality within past and future?

Stephen Procter: Past and future do not have an elemental quality because they exist only within conceptual thought. The elemental quality is found only within experiences that arise within the six senses. Our relationship towards past and future however, does have an elemental quality that arises both in the mind and in the body. It is our relationship towards past and future that should be observed in this case.

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