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The experience of anxiety arises when our stress response switches on for a period of time and due to continuous triggers does not switch off again. This creates a cycle of physical and mental hypervigilance giving rise to all our defensive thought patterns and emotions.

In this defensive state we experience an inability to "let down our guard" thereby affecting our relationship with ourselves and others, also affecting our sleeping patterns and general health.

Turning Off the Stress Response

STEP 1: 'Diaphragm Breathing' STEP 2: 'Allowing Stillness' MIDL Diaphragm & Anxiety

Supportive 'Softening' Techniques

'Lifting / Dropping'... 'Diaphragm Breath 2' 'Slow, Gentle Sighing' 'Soften Frontal Lobes' 'Soften Eyes & Eyelids' 'Decondition Emotion'

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Personal 'Softening Training'

Personal Mindfulness 'Softening Training'
is available in person in Kirrawee, Sydney and also via Skype video sessions at $70hr. I can be contacted regarding these on

PH / Text: 0466 531 023

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