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Your Online Guide to
MIDL Mindfulness Meditation

WELCOME to my online guide to MIDL.

This guide was written to help clarify the path of MIDL (Mindfulness in Daily Life) and the 52 MIDL Mindfulness trainings to help those who who wish to develop themselves but do not have access to a meditation teacher.

There are both text and some audio version of this guide,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

Chapter 1
MIDL Mindfulness Meditation

Introducing MIDL Meditation

Three Main Mental Factors

Mental Factors Explained

The Three Pillars of MIDL

Chapter 2
Foundations of Mindfulness

The Satipatthana Sutta

Mindfulness Foundations

Mindfulness of Body

Mindfulness of Feeling

Mindfulness of Mind

The Noble Eightfold Path

Five Hindrances in MIDL

Chapter 3
MIDL Seated Meditation

Mindfulness Trainings

Meditation Postures

MIDL Seated Meditation

Chapter 4
Developing Your Foundation

Grounding Attention

Autonomous Breathing 1

Autonomous Breathing 2

Initial Softening Into

Chapter 5
Mindfulness of Breathing

Breathing & Mindfulness

Allow Natural Breathing

Mindfulness of Breathing

MIDL Viewing Platform

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