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Meditation in The Shire

Meditation in The Shire

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Learn how to meditate in my quality, weekly MIDL mindfulness meditation classes in the Sutherland Shire, NSW.
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Experiencing Stress or Anxiety?

I can teach you mindfulness
meditation breathing techniques
to lower your experience
of stress and anxiety.
at Kirrawee NSW or via Skype.
PH / text: 0466 531 023
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Guided Mindfulness Meditations

80 Guided MIDL Mindfulness
Meditations plus
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Personal Meditation Guidance

Personal guidance in MIDL
Mindfulness Meditation is available
at Kirrawee, NSW or by Skype.
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Talks on Mindfulness Meditation

A series of recorded talks
by Stephen Procter on
MIDL Mindfulness Meditation.
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Mindfulness in Daily Life Books

This section contains books
written by Stephen Procter
on MIDL Mindfulness Meditation.
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MIDL Anxiety Softening Room

Articles and guided MIDL
mindfulness meditations for
lowering your experience of anxiety.
MIDL Anxiety Softening Room

Your Meditation Questions

This section contains questions
on MIDL Mindfulness Meditation
from around the world.
"MIDL Questions Section"

Your Feedback & Reviews

This section contains reviews from
many people around the world
on the benefits of MIDL.
"Your Reviews & Feedback"

Read About Stephen Procter

In this section I share
some of my life lessons and
visions for the spreading of MIDL.
About Stephen Procter

Supporting Stephens Work

My lifes work is based on generosity.
I share my meditation experience
freely in order to make the
world a better place by healing
communities from the inside out.
Support Stephens Work