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MIDL Mindfulness Training 8 to 11

Guided by Stephen Procter
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WELCOME to my Systematic Mindfulness Meditation Training Classroom.
Practice these Mindfulness exercises daily to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Devote at least 1 week to each exercise, do not skip a step and you will strengthen your Mindfulness and Concentration in Daily Life,
enjoy, Stephen Procter

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MIDL Training 8: Developing the Whole Breath

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 8/52 you develop your skill in mindfulness of breathing by becoming aware of whole length of each breath from its beginning, to its middle and end. This is done by intentionally bringing your awareness towards the beginning of each in-breath and the beginning of each out-breath.

This naturally develops a clear perception of the length of each breath allowing you to 'rub' awareness along the breaths length creating the basis for the development of one-pointed concentration and the temporary suppression of the five hindrances to meditation. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 9: Deepening the Whole Breath

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 9/52 you change your perception from mindfulness of the breath as it draws in and out, to the expansion & deflation of your whole body as it responds to breathing. This is a necessary transition from the development of one-pointed concentration to momentary concentration in order to open to the experience of your six senses to develop Wisdom.

This transition is initially made by increasing awareness of your whole body as it responds to breathing by gradually expanding your awareness of the experience breathing within it. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 10: Expanding the Whole Breath

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 10/52 you develop your awareness of the expansion and deflation of your whole body as it responds to breathing. At first this perception is most clear as movement in the shoulders, upper chest and upper back area but gradually it expands until your whole body is experienced as breathing itself.

This then creates the foundation from which you can 'open' and allow yourself to 'feel' your relationship towards any experience that arises within the field of your six senses with the expansion of each in-breath. Questions & Answers

MIDL Training 11: Calming the Whole Breath

In MIDL Mindfulness Training 11/52 you bring your softening skills developed earlier into your mindfulness of breathing. As your breath draws in and your body expands outwards you 'open'; you 'open' to whatever you are experiencing now, regardless of what it is.

As your breath goes out and your body deflates you than borrow the deflation of your body to soften / relax into your relationship to what you are experiencing now. In breath 'open', out-breath 'soften'. This is the skill of mindful non-participation that deconditions habitual patterns. Questions & Answers

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