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*Quality MIDL Mindfulness Meditation*

**Classes 2019**

Learn Mindfulness Meditation
Cronulla, Kirrawee, Menai

Understanding Through Education


In my Mindfulness Meditation Classes you will learn how to meditate and how to bring Mindfulness Meditation into your everyday life. A different subject is discussed each week plus meditation exercises to help you gain the most benefit from your meditation practice.

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Experiencing Stress or Anxiety? I can help you.


MIDL Mindfulness Softening Techniques

Kirrawee NSW $70 (Skype available).
Learn simple Mindfulness Softening Techniques to experience freedom from anxiety and stress within your life. MIDL Mindfulness Softening Techniques result in a decrease in anxiety symptoms such as hyperventilation, tightness of chest, mental dullness, obsessive thinking and emotional instability.

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Mindfulness Meditation Guides


**NEW guide on MIDL Meditation System**

Step by Step Guidance in MIDL Mindfulness Meditation

This step by step MIDL Mindfulness Meditation guide contains simple and clear instructions on how to develop your meditation practice within your daily life. Covering the whole MIDL system, each chapter provides a supportive framework for you to develop your skill in mindfulness meditation.

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Quality MIDL Meditation Guide

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation in Your Daily Life

This is the 3rd Edition of this MIDL Mindfulness Meditation guide book written by Stephen Procter contains clear instruction on how to develop your seated Mindfulness meditation practice at home and how to transfer it into everyday activities

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Satipatthana Sutta

Original Instruction for Training in Mindfulness Meditation

All Mindfulness Meditation practices today find their roots in a discourse given by the Buddha called the Satipatthana Sutta (MN 10). This key text contains the original instructions on how to practice Satipatthana Vipassana Bhavana more commonly known as Insight /Mindfulness Meditation.

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Private Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

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* Private Meditation Classes

*Busy Working? *School Student?
Your own private Meditation class.
($70 plus $15 each extra person up to 10 people).

* Private Meditation Lessons

*Learn How to Meditate at a Time that Suits You. ($70)

* Private Meditation Interviews

*Personal Guidance on How to Develop Your Meditation Practice: Kirrawee or Via Skype. (30min $40) (60min $70)

Why not book your own private Mindfulness Meditation Session at a time and day to suit you

call PH: 0466 531 023 or Send a Message

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